How can the people who annoy you help you get more from your tapping?

Tapping and Projection

Image courtesy of Jagz Mario

You may have noticed that people can be very annoying, they can do and say things that upset and disturb us.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce that level of annoyance and, as a free bonus, improve our own self-acceptance?

Thanks to Carl Jung and some tapping we can do just that.

Jung suggested (that in spite of all appearances) that which annoys us doesn’t reside in the other person it resides in ourselves.

The other person isn’t doing something intrinsically annoying, we are annoying ourselves at what they are doing.

Of shadows and shoulds

He proposed that the ‘something annoying’ that people are doing illuminates parts of our disowned self, our ‘Shadow’, the parts of ourselves that we can not accept or even acknowledge.

As we grow up we adopt the values and ‘rules’ of our family of origin. These rules (our shoulds) told us what was, or was not, acceptable and how we should behave. As children we absorbed and internalised those rules and expectations. The urge to break those rules had to be suppressed to please and appease those who looked after us.

Now, as adults, thoughts or impulses to ‘break’ those internalised rules are uncomfortable to us, they go against our family and cultural programming. Read more »

EFT Café – 13th April 2016 – Undoing The Distress Of Projection Using EFT

Image courtesy of Nina Matthews Photography

Image courtesy of Nina Matthews Photography

All around us people are being annoying, they do and say things that upset and disturb us.

Carl Jung suggested that, in spite of appearances, that which annoys us doesn’t reside the other person it resides in ourselves.

He suggested that the people that annoy us represent for us parts of our disowned self, our Shadow, the parts of ourselves that we dare not acknowledge or accept.

To protect ourselves we project those unwelcome aspects of ourselves onto others. ‘They’ are the ones who are rude, loud, critical, etc. If we notice those qualities in them we don’t have to pay attention to our own inclinations to be rude, loud, critical, etc.

Unfortunately being annoyed or upset is uncomfortable for us and there are so many people and so many opportunities for us to project and be distressed. What would it be like if we could undo the triggers that cause the distress and allow us to accept more of ourselves.

In this month’s EFT Café , Andy Hunt will demonstrate how to combine the concept of projection with tapping to lower our annoyance with others and to start to accept parts of our Shadow.

This EFT Café is on Wednesday 13th April, 2016 from 7pm to 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10.

EFT Café – 9th March 2016 – Tapping Out Of Our Resistance To Change

Image courtesy of Steven Snodgrass

Image courtesy of Steven Snodgrass

Changing who we are and what we do can be a challenge.

It be difficult to do the work we have to do to make those changes: eat differently, exercise more, learn more and so on.

​To make things more difficult we often have the difficulty of working against our own resistance to making those changes.

After 25 years of research into the challenges of changing health behaviours including smoking, overeating, under-exercising and drug use, Prochaska & DiClemente developed the Stages of Change model which describes the particular difficulties in the different stages of making changes in our lives.

In this month’s EFT Cafe we will explore using the Stages Of Change model to give us ways of uncovering some of the hidden resistance to making changes and thereby making it tappable.

This EFT Café is on Wednesday 9th March, 2016 from 7pm to 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10.

EFT Café – 10th February 2016 – Meta Tapping: Releasing The Problem With The Problem

Meta Tapping

Image courtesy of Chris Potter

We all have challenging situations (AKA problems) to deal with.

We may get stuck, angry or defeated with the difficulties in our lives.

Feeling stuck with a situation or angry about what someone has done, or defeated by the failure of a project, are the most obvious signs that something is wrong.

But it’s more complicated than that because we may also have a problem with the problem. Humans like to have thoughts and feelings about their feelings.

Our thoughts and feelings about a problem may add to our troubles.

We could be angry about being stuck, guilty about being angry or resigned to feeling defeated.

These thoughts & feelings about the problem, sometimes called ‘meta-states’, can be the unseen glue that helps hold the problem in place and makes it difficult to change how think, feel and act in that situation.

In this month’s EFT Café – “Meta Tapping: Releasing The Problem With The Problem” Andy Hunt will demonstrate a new tapping technique to soften the problem with the problem which makes it much easier to tackle the original problem with standard tapping techniques.

This EFT Café is on Wednesday 10th February, 2016 from 7pm to 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10.

How To Unhook Negative Thoughts With EFT

“You don’t have to stay trapped in your thoughts just because you think them.”
– Doug Dillon

Unhook negative thoughts

Image courtesy of Chang’r

We are thinking all the time.

Even though they come and go our thoughts are constant companions.

We don’t ask for them, they seem to arise of their own accord.

Sometimes our thoughts are helpful and pleasing to us.

Sometimes our thoughts can be like barbed hooks running through our mind.

When those thoughts catch our minds, they dig in and we get pulled where we don’t want to go.

As babies we have an unfiltered experience of the world. We see, hear and feel things, our inner lives are a chaos of sensations and impressions.

As we grow up we learn to think to make sense of the world. Thinking helps us make some sense out of the chaos. We learn to throw nets of thoughts over our experience to understand what is happening and to help us to decide what to do.

That’s an amazing achievement for our minds, but there is a problem.

Read more »

EFT / Tapping Practice Day – 6th February 2016 – Newcastle upon Tyne

Image courtesy of WoodleyWonderWorks

Image courtesy of WoodleyWonderWorks

Practice with other people is the best way of keeping your hand (or is that fingertips) in with EFT.

It is so easy to forget to use the tapping for everyday stresses and strains and all the other stuff that can be challenging to handle.

Practising with other people reinforces your faith in the techniques as well giving you a chance to clear out some of the emotional and mental junk we all accumulate.

The day will run from 10am to 4pm, you will have an opportunity to tap with different tapping partners on whatever issue you feel comfortable working with including: difficult memories, stressful situations, up-coming challenges, physical issues – all the things you learnt about in EFT Level 1 or Level 2 trainings.

If you are a practitioner or working to become one the practice day will count as 6 hours CPD.

This practice day is open to anyone who has completed an EFT Level 1 or Level 2 training and costs £45

EFT Café – 13th January 2016 – Future Pull

Lose weight now

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Traditionally January is the time of New Year resolutions. Some of us make (vain) promises to ourselves to lose weight, exercise more, make more effort and so on.

In a sense we decide what we need to do to become a thinner, fitter, accomplished version of ourselves.

Instead of focusing on the goals themselves is to imagine being our future self that has achieved that goal, or overcome a problem, to advise and assist our present self do what is needed to reach that happy state.

In the first EFT Café of 2016 Andy Hunt will demonstrate the ‘Future Pull’ process a combination of NLP timelines and tapping to help us get to who we want to be.

This EFT Café is on Wednesday 13th January, 2016 from 7pm to 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle and costs just £10.