Healing Self Blame Through Tapping

If you burnt the toast this morning as you were making breakfast you could say that you blamed yourself for the mistake. It’s not such a bad mistake, you would probably get over it by lunch time. But, what if you always blamed yourself for everything. That would be a very different experience: you might give yourself a […] Read more »

Why am I making no progress?

Some people feel like they are making no progress in their therapy or self-development. Whatever they do, things seem to stay just as bad as before. It can be both discouraging and frustrating, some people even give up trying. To understand one of the reasons for making no progress (and some ideas to help get […] Read more »

Slow Change – An Effective Alternative To Miracle Cures

Tend to the moments, and the years will take care of themselves. – Tibetan proverb Do you want a happier life? Have you a collection of self help books? If so, you have probably seen some of the big claims on the covers of these books. They may say they are: life changing revolutionary transformational. […] Read more »

The 7 Problems Of Miracle Cures

We have a love affair with miracles. Most of us have been brought up on a diet of miracles in our fairy stories, our religious traditions and popular culture. Ever since the princess kissed the frog turning him into a prince we have had a fascination with miracle cures – the single act that changes […] Read more »

Mr Rogers On Seeing The Newtown News Differently

After the recent traumatic events in Newtown, Connecticut it would be easy to lose hope under the weight of media coverage. The news media focuses relentlessly on the violence and destruction of the event and the pain and grief of the victims and their families. Just watching the news can be a traumatising event (and […] Read more »

How To Draw A Better Map Of Your Inner World

Earlier this summer I climbed Scafell Pike, a mountain in the Lake District of Northern England. Like the rest of our wet summer this was a damp and cloudy day. Before we were half way up the mountain we were swallowed up in cloud and fog. Fortunately I had a map and a compass and […] Read more »

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