Who I work with

I help people who can’t get over traumatic experiences, people who hate themselves and people who feel stuck in their lives.

Are you struggling to get over a traumatic experience?

I help people who have had upsetting, or even terrifying, experiences and found that the memories aren’t fading with the passage of time and are causing emotional pain.

There are many different kinds of traumatic experiences: accidents, assaults, rape, injury, abuse, sudden bereavement, frightening medical experiences and many, many more. It’s a long list and experiencing or even witnessing such an event can leave you with distressing memories that can affect you years after the event.

How do you know if you have traumatic memories?

You may avoid having thoughts or conversations about the experience and avoid people and places because they trigger the memories of the events that cause you distress and anxiety. For example: if you were in a car crash you may be very reluctant to drive or be driven because it reminds you of the accident.

You may become very vigilant, always on the lookout for danger even if you know logically that everything is all right. You may also become more irritable and easily angered than before even if you don’t want to be.

You may have flashbacks and nightmares as you vividly relive the experience again and again in your imagination. You may also have difficulty sleeping or falling asleep.

I help people gently, safely and easily take the painful emotion out of the memory and put it firmly into the past where it belongs.

Do you hate yourself?

I help people who hate themselves and give themselves a hard time; they may judge themselves harshly and feel bad about themselves.

How do you know if you hate yourself?

If you hate yourself you might spend a lot of time rejecting, punishing and criticising yourself. You probably treat and speak to yourself in ways that you would never dream of doing with anybody else.

You may often feel bad about yourself, think that you are not good enough and that there is something wrong with you. You may think that whatever you do, it can never be enough to make you OK.

You probably feel bad about yourself when you make mistakes, rather than write it off to experience and learn from it, you take it as further proof that you are defective in some way. On the other hand if you achieve something you write it off as just a fluke.

I help people let go of this self-criticism, inner conflict and shame so that they can begin to feel comfortable in their own skin and good enough as they are.

Are you stuck in your life?

I help people who feel stuck in their lives, they want to move on or be happier but don’t know how.

How do you know if you are stuck?

If you are stuck you might feel that you are in a rut that you can’t get out of, or held back from making progress in ways you don’t understand. You may have read lots of self-help books to try to make things different but it hasn’t really helped.

You may feel anxious much of the time and avoid the things you want to do to keep your anxiety in check. You may feel stressed at work, at home, or both, not able to hold up to the demands of your life.

You could feel a lot of irrational fear and have a negative mindset you can’t seem to change.

You may feel bad a lot of the time but put a brave face on it when you are with others which can be exhausting.

I help people release those blocks and anxieties so they can do what they need to do to have the life that they want.

Why work with me?

I treat people with acceptance and understanding and meet them as a person not a problem. I work from where you are and help you get to where you want to go.

My clients tell me that they see me as straightforward, trustworthy, compassionate and resourceful. They also say that I don’t seem to be uncomfortable with anything they say, or judge them in any way, and that they felt safe.

Who I don’t work with

I specialise in and do my best work with the kinds of issues I’ve described above.

I don’t work with clients with the following issues:

  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Children and adolescents
  • Weight loss issues
  • Smoking cessation
  • Couples or family counselling.

Although I don’t work with these kinds of issues I may be able to refer you to another therapist who does specialise in these areas.

How to get in touch with me

For more information, or to discuss your needs, email andy@practicalwellbeing.co.uk or  phone 0754 700 9116

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