EFT Level 2 Training

Newcastle upon Tyne – October 31st & November 1st, 2015


This EFT Training  is designed for those already in the helping professions who wish to add this extremely effective method to their toolkit. You will learn more sophisticated approaches for dealing with trauma, anxiety, cravings, physical symptoms and more

This training is to develop your EFT skills so that you can work with clients if you wish. It also covers the practical, ethical and legal aspects of working with paying clients.

At the successful conclusion of this training you will receive an AAMET EFT Level 2 attendance certificate. On satisfactory completion of further requirements you will receive an AAMET Accredited Practitioner certificate.

What you will learn from this training

  • How we restrict our experience of the world with limiting beliefs and how to use EFT to detect and remove those limitations.
  • Ways to approach difficult issues with the minimum of distress to the client. EFT is already a very gentle way to neutralise trauma, in this training you will learn how to soften the process still further.
  • Approaches to finding the core issues, events and beliefs that hold us trapped in a problem. Once these core issues have been identified and resolved the problems associated with them can be rapidly dealt with.
  • Different ways to address physical issues including how to discover and resolve contributing emotional factors.
  • How to use EFT over the phone.
  • How to use EFT in group settings.
  • Legal and practical issues of working with clients.

Extensive training materials including manuals and recordings are provided.
The content of the course is  and certificated by AAMET. On completion you will receive an AAMET certificate.

Note: You must have an EFT Level 1 Certificate to attend the EFT Level 2 training, and previous experience of working with people in a professional capacity.

Bonus features

Practitioners have the option to join a regular EFT Practice group meeting in Newcastle and supervision sessions can be arranged.

Newly qualified practitioners will be eligible to reduced rate professional insurance cover.

Where, when and how much?

Saturday October 31st and Sunday November 1st, 2015 at St Oswald’s Hospice, Gosforth, Newcastle

If you book before September 5th the Super Early Bird fee for this training is: £155

If you book before October 3rd the Early Bird fee for this training is £175.

Thereafter the full fee for this training is: £195

There are only 10 places available on this course

Anyone with an existing AAMET EFT Level 2 certificate can attend this course as a refresher for just £30.

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