How To Tap Into The Gifts Of The Shadow


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In ‘How can the people who annoy you help you get more from your tapping?’ I wrote about a tapping technique that can help you work with the ‘negative’ parts of the ‘shadow’. Using people’s ability to annoy us we can identify some of the disowned parts of ourselves that need to be released with tapping.

Our shadows are formed in childhood where certain parts of ourselves that are deemed unacceptable by our family, friends or culture are suppressed so that we can get along with the people we are with.

Because these impulses and feelings are so unacceptable to us that we may not know they are there. We project what we cannot own ourselves onto other people. When we can spot the projection, we can use that to access the unacceptable impulses in ourselves and process them with tapping.

So far so good, but there’s more to the Shadow than bad or negative impulses.

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EFT Gathering 4×4 – Ilkley, 29th & 30th April 2017

Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master and organiser of the annual EFT Gathering is organising a new form of workshop for anyone who wants to develop their tapping skills.

The 4×4 event is a two day set of four workshops (followed by an optional day long workshop by Gwyneth). There are four presenters, one of whom just happens to be me!

It promises to be a rich weekend of tapping and exploration with four very different presenters. I’m presenting a brief introduction to the Identity Healing process on Sunday afternoon.

Gwyneth says:

Four of your favourite presenters teaching four advanced EFT workshops over a weekend followed by EFT Constellations all day on Monday. Read more

EFT 4×4 as we are calling it is the weekend of 29/30 April and the workshops are:

Have you tried surrogate tapping but struggled to find the words? Gwyneth developed the 3 Phase approach to teach ethical and effective surrogate tapping for all. Children love tapping but sometimes its gentler for a friend or parent to offer remote help. Teaching, demonstration, exercises and discussion

School stress is on the increase. Susie’s Gathering presentation was a favourite. Now she shows you how she teaches emotional literacy to 7 year olds. How she gets a whole class tapping and how everyone has lots of fun.

Have you ever struggled to find the words to write about EFT and what you do? Do you feel it should be easier to write a letter or article? Or is there a book in you? Award winning writer Ros Barber has designed this practical workshop for you to tap through your fear, into your inspiration and express your true voice in writing.

Andy Hunt combined his deep knowledge of NLP with tapping to create Identity Healing a suite of processes to gently heal the younger suffering parts of ourselves that are still struggling in our adult lives. Andy’s workshop gives you a taste of what is possible.

Do we live out the stuck emotional patterns of our ancestors? What if tapping could reach into the family field and clear traumas long past? EFT Constellations group work does just that. An experiential day for experienced tappers.

Come and join us at the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley. Spring is gorgeous here with bluebells and walks on the moor. Book your place at

hope to see you soon

I’m looking forward to the event, I think it’s going to be fascinating.

Contact Gwyneth directly if you need more information.

Your Life In Their Hands?

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There’s so much more to EFT than just tapping

Imagine the scene:

Dave is at home, slumped on his sofa in front of the TV watching a boxed set of ER.

He starts to feel a little unwell, his chest hurts and he has a pain in his left arm.

He has seen enough episodes of ER to know that this is not a good sign.

He phones the emergency services and five minutes later, sirens flashing, a response vehicle from “Instant Paramedics” arrives.

Cautiously, Dave gets to the door and lets the bright eyed and enthusiastic paramedic in.

The paramedic introduces himself as Tim and shows Dave his “Instant Paramedic Certificate”.

Dave is too scared to pay much attention and gingerly lowers himself back onto the sofa.

“So, what happened?” says Tim.

Dave replies “I was watching a rerun of ER and I got this pain in my chest and down my arm”

“Oh that sounds bad”, says Tim, “maybe a cup of tea will help”.

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EFT Cafe – 8th February 2017 – To-Do Tapping

To Do Tapping

Image courtesy of Nikki Buitendijk

Now that January has passed and the resolutions are wearing thin it’s time for to look for ways to get things done that don’t just rely on willpower and resolution excitement.

To get things done we have to pass through (at least) four stages between wanting something and doing what needs to be done to get it.

  1. Wanting – Do we really want what we want?
  2. Capability – Are we capable of doing what is necessary?
  3. Deciding – Have we decided to do it?
  4. Willingness – Are we willing to do what it takes to get what we want?

These stages apply whether it is a simple task on our to-do list or a major life goal.

Blocks or resistance in any of those stages can keep us from completing our tasks and achieving our goals

In this month’s EFT Cafe, Andy Hunt will take you through a step by step process to uncover and release any resistances in those stages so you can be ready, willing and able to do what you need to do. If you are the owner of a to-do list that gets longer much more quickly than you can complete the items on it you may find this particularly helpful.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10

EFT Café – 11th January 2017 – Failing Your Way To New Year Resolution Success!

Lose weight now

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Have you ever had New Year’s Resolutions that scarcely made it into February?

You are not alone, three quarters of all New Year Resolutions fail.

What if you could use the potential failure of your New Year’s Resolution to improve your chances of success?

We often spend a lot of time analysing our failures (some times we even learn from them).

What if adopting a failure mindset in advance could help you succeed?

In the first EFT Café of 2017 Andy Hunt will demonstrate a process for using the probability of failing to keep your resolution, to help you be more likely to achieve it.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10

EFT Cafe – 14th December 2016 – Tapping Into Kindness

Tapping Into Kindness

Image courtesy of Megan Sparks

Christmas is (or used to be) the season of goodwill to all.

​For most of us spreading goodwill to all is much easier in theory than in practice.

In the Buddhist tradition there are specific practices designed to help us develop our ability to be kind and friendly to others.

The spirit of friendly kindness or ‘metta’ as it is known to Buddhists is traditionally cultivated by specific meditation practices designed to help us be kind to ourselves and others.

Research on metta meditation has shown it has a wide range of benefits.

“For one, loving-kindness (metta) meditation makes you feel closer to others, even strangers. And this happens not just consciously (as in you noticing that you “feel closer to this person”) but also on a deeper level (in that you automatically react more positively to people). We also found that it increases your feelings of happiness and well-being generally” – Emma Sepalla

These meditation techniques can easily be adapted to a form that can be used with tapping to help cultivate our ability to be kind to ourselves and to others.

In this month’s EFT Cafe Andy Hunt will demonstrate a tapping version of metta practice that can be used by anyone regardless of religious persuasion, or lack thereof, to help them find this particular spirit of Christmas.

The EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 14th December, 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10

Simple Acceptance Tapping

How Accepting What You Are Trying To Get Rid Of Can Help Change It

Image courtesy of Luke Peterson

Image courtesy of Luke Peterson

It’s understandable that most people don’t like their difficult feelings and want to get rid of them.

Most people think that you have to reject something to get rid of it, believing that if you reject it, it will go away. If you accept it, then it will stay.

You might be able to throw away an unwanted object, but rejecting unwanted psychological or emotional states doesn’t seem to work that way.

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