Identity Healing Mentoring

    As the creator of Identity Healing (IH) I offer supervision and mentoring to Identity Healing Students, Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners, individually, online and in groups.

    Supervision/Mentoring can help you:

    • assess the suitability of potential clients for treatment and any risks that are involved
    • discuss your concerns about a particular client
    • keep yourself and your clients safe
    • improve your technical skills and knowledge of the Identity Healing approaches.
    • expand your range of Identity Healing approaches
    • understand the blocks and obstacles to successful treatment
    • be more creative with Identity Healing
    • reflect on your personal and professional development.

    Mentoring is not an extra it is essential

    Whatever your status: student, practitioner or advanced practitioner, supervision and mentoring is an essential part of working with real-world clients on a professional basis.

    These cases are usually more complex and difficult than any of the straightforward examples you tackled in your training and you may not yet have much experience to guide what you are doing and how you are doing it.

    Mentoring can help you avoid having to learn everything by your mistakes and give you some encouragement and guidance for the important work that you are doing.

    I offer one-to-one sessions and online group mentoring sessions for Identity Healing trainees and practitioners.

    For more information about Identity Healing Supervision and Mentoring use this contact form: