How To Use EFT In Daily Life

    You may have learnt EFT from a workshop, training, book or video and you are hopeful that you can use it to make positive changes in your life – but somehow you don’t seem to be able to put it into regular practice .

    You’re smart enough not to be looking for a magical “get cured quick” scheme where one application of a secret tapping routine will transform your life forever.

    Just as it takes some time and effort to lose weight or exercise regularly, you understand that it takes some work to make positive changes in your life.

    You want the benefits of a less-stress life and you are ready to do the work.

    You know how to tap, you just need some straight forward ways of weaving EFT into your daily life.

    Introducing The Tapping Habit

    I designed the Tapping Habit for people like you based on my experience of integrating EFT into my daily life.

    It will give you:

    • A step by step approach to successfully using EFT in daily life
    • Simple strategies that help guide your tapping practice
    • Different ways to tackle problems so that you can make continuous progress

    The Tapping Habit is a FREE 10 week e-class showing you how to make the most out of tapping in everyday life. Every week a new lesson will be delivered to your email inbox.

    The Tapping Habit

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    Why People Struggle To Use EFT In Daily Life (And What To Do About It)

    Most people who learn EFT want to use it to make their lives easier and more comfortable. When they attend the workshop or watch the video they are filled with enthusiasm and high hopes for all the changes in their lives that they are going to make, but when it comes to putting it into action they can’t quite do it.

    It’s not as though EFT takes a long time to clear everyday difficulties, it’s not complicated and you don’t need any special equipment apart from your fingertips, but many people don’t know how to start or just “forget” to tap and never get the benefit of a tapping habit.

    I think there are four reasons why people can’t quite adopt the tapping habit.

    1. Misunderstanding What EFT Is For

    With all the YouTube videos and online articles of dramatic life changing interventions using EFT it’s easy to forget that you don’t need to have experienced a massive trauma, prolonged abuse or life threatening illnesses to benefit from EFT.

    Many people will wait until they have a big bad experience before they use EFT to calm their emotions (which it will do very well).

    But, why wait for a catastrophe when you can start making positive changes now?

    It would be so much easier to use EFT regularly to undo the smaller stresses that add up during a lifetime. Making regular little changes to your experience will make big changes in the long run.

    In this e-class I’ll show you how to make little changes now, that have big results in the long run.

    2. The Strength Of Old Habits

    Old habits are strong. You will have learnt ways to handle the day to day stresses over a number of years. Those behaviour patterns are going to be automatic and ingrained.

    If you don’t have the tapping habit well established, when stress arrives your first response will be to do what you usually do, because it’s so much easier to do what you have always done even if it doesn’t work too well.

    It takes a little time (and effort) to install a tapping habit so that EFT becomes the first response to everyday problems instead of the last.

    In this e-class you will learn a variety of ways to install the tapping habit.

    3. Lack of Know-How:

    One of the things I often hear from people who have learnt tapping but are struggling to put it into action is “I know I could get some benefit from EFT but I don’t know where to start”.

    Learning the mechanics of tapping is very straightforward. On a training or in a video everything is spelt out for you but when you are on your own it may not seem so easy.

    Learning how to apply tapping to your unique experience takes a little time and experimentation. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities it’s easier to leave the tapping to one side and use whatever you normally use to calm yourself.

    In this e-class I will show you where and how to start with simple, straightforward strategies.

    4. The Power Of Your Resistance

    The “resistance” is your internal resistance to change, the part of you that will block you from ever using these techniques because it is working hard to maintain the status quo. Resistance shows up in a variety of ways including: procrastination, self sabotage, forgetting to use tapping.

    Because these processes are unconscious, protective and difficult to spot from the inside it can be tricky to identify, but once it is out in the open it can be tapped away.

    Identifying and dissolving the resistance to adopting a tapping habit is an important part of the first lesson.

    The Tapping Habit

    The aim of this e-class is not to show you how to tap, or how to use tapping to manage “big” problems, it is designed to show you how to use EFT on a regular basis to have an even less stressed life.

    The strategies and techniques you learn can be adopted and adapted to fit your own unique situation. Once you have the tapping habit you may even find new ways of using tapping to improve your life.

    “I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying, and benefiting from, the e-course.  I have bought a small notepad, entitled it ‘Mosquitoes’! and am tapping every day, but the good thing is, I’ve started to use the different techniques too”.
    – Lisa Burnage

    Important: This e-class is not a substitute for appropriate mental health care. If you are struggling with big issues then find an appropriately trained and qualified mental health practitioner and get the help you need.

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