Information For Therapy Clients

    This is a copy of the information I send and the contract I use for therapy clients

    What happens during a therapy session?

    A typical session lasts approximately 1 hour, during which I will ask you questions about the issues concerning you, encourage you to define your goals, using a variety of methods to help you explore those issues and help you find ways of resolving them.

    You may be asked to carry out some tasks at home between sessions, for example: practising a specific technique, keep a journal, experiment with a new behaviour.

    During sessions we may use a number of different therapeutic approaches from Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

    I would be happy to answer any of your questions about these approaches during our first session.

    Therapy cost and venue

    My standard fee is £60 per session (concessions may be available for low income or unwaged clients), which can be paid in cash, or cheque payable to ‘A Hunt’, at the end of each appointment, by BACS or via PayPal by prior arrangement.

    Each session normally lasts 1 hour, but this can be adjusted according to your needs.

    Sessions take place at therapy centres in Newcastle, Hexham or Whitley Bay. Online sessions are available by arrangement.

    Other Information

    Code of Ethics

    As a member of EFT International I abide by the code of ethics of these professional organisations (please enquire if you would like to see copies of those documents).

    My Personal Principles

    1. I will choose the shortest, gentlest and most effective route to helping you achieve your goals, to the best of my knowledge, skill and ability.
    2. If I feel that I am unable to help you, for whatever reason, I will do my best to refer you to an appropriate source of help.
    3. I operate a flexible fee structure and will make sure that my help is as affordable as possible to those that need it.
    4. I maintain confidentiality of everything discussed in the sessions, unless the information you give me suggests a serious risk of harm to yourself or others, especially children, or where I am legally required to disclose information, e.g. in a court of law.
    5. I will not question you unnecessarily about your past, make judgements or criticisms of you.
    6. I will treat you as a resourceful and capable adult (even if you may not feel like one at times) and try to help you connect to those inner resources and strengths so that you can be the person you want to be.
    7. Insurance

    I am fully insured to practice Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – my main therapeutic approaches. You may view my insurance certificate if wished.

    Complaints Procedure

    If you are unhappy with any aspects of your therapy I would encourage you to raise any issues with me first, but if you don’t feel able to do that or we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution of your grievance you have the right to complain to my professional organisation: EFT International.

    Supervision & CPD

    To ensure the best quality of service and development of my skills and knowledge, I undertake regular psychotherapy supervision with an experienced UKCP Accredited Clinical Supervisor and EFT Peer Supervision. I also undertake extensive Continuous Professional Development activities each year.

    The therapist undertakes to:

    • Attend sessions at pre-arranged times and places, and give at least 24 hours notice if the session has to be cancelled or postponed.
    • Practice within his range of competence and follow the EFT International Codes of Ethics.
    • Commit to continuous professional development, including regular clinical supervision, to safeguard the client and ensure best practice.
    • Refer the client if there is cause to believe that (s)he would be better helped elsewhere.
    • Maintain full client confidentiality unless he receives information that the client or someone else, especially a child, is or may be at serious risk of harm, and where disclosure is required by law.
    • Maintain the professional boundaries of the therapeutic relationship.
    • To the best of his ability, skill and knowledge, commit to support, guide and appropriately challenge the client in working towards their desired outcomes.

    The client undertakes to

    • Attend sessions at pre-arranged times and places, and give at least 24 hours notice if a session has to be cancelled or postponed.
    • Pay an agreed fee at the end of each session (unless other payment arrangements are made), and for any missed sessions if less that 24 hours notice was given.
    • Be open to new learning and exploring own issues.
    • Recognise his/her responsibility for own physical and emotional well being.
    • Carry out ‘homework’ tasks between sessions as agreed with the therapist.

    Agreed length of session ……… Agreed fee per session ……..

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