Identity Healing Training

    What is Identity Healing?

    Identity Healing® is an integrated set of processes I developed to help EFT Practitioners undo troublesome identity beliefs and inner conflicts.

    They are advanced EFT based techniques to help us soothe, resource and re-integrate those fragmented parts of ourselves that struggle, so that we can become more whole.

    Although they are not a miracle cure or a therapy in themselves, but used in the context of therapy they can help facilitate deep and lasting change for the better.

    This is one of the main therapeutic approaches I use with my clients.

    An Introduction To Identity Healing

    In this short video I explain the Identity Healing processes with the kinds of issues I work with.

    You can find out much more about these processes on the Identity Healing website.

    Who are these trainings for?

    This is an advanced EFT Training, to take this training you must be experienced and at ease with standard EFT approaches.

    The minimum entry requirements to take this training are:

    • an EFT International Level 2 Practitioner Certificate (or its equivalent)
    • be a member in good standing of a recognised EFT organisation: EFT International, EFT Guild, EFT Universe, etc.
    • at least one year’s tapping experience with clients
    • current professional liability insurance for EFT

    If you are an EFT Practitioner who is thinking about taking the Identity Healing training, you might like to check out this short video from Certified Identity Healing Practitioner Rachel O’Connor about the training and certification process.

    Find out more at Identity Healing Professional Training.