Why Should I Bother Learning EFT?

    Why Should I Bother Learning EFT?

    Why Should I Bother Learning EFT?

    31 Jul 2012 by Andy Hunt Eft Information

    We all have lots of things to do, so many demands on our time and resources.

    There is work to be done, a home to maintain, family to care for, holidays to take and so on.

    With all those other calls on your time you might ask “Why bother spending the time to learn EFT?”

    If you were to ask me that question I would answer it with five questions of my own.

    1. Why bother being a victim of your own negative emotions?

    Most of us have unwanted negative emotional reactions to things that happen to us.

    Perhaps we get impatient at traffic lights, angry at customers, upset when our boss or spouse speaks to us in a certain way. Maybe you get frustrated, disappointed or angry when things don’t go as planned.

    Not only do these negative emotional responses feel bad they do us harm, injecting little (or large) bursts of stress hormones into our system.

    Unfortunately these kinds of reactions are very difficult to eliminate just by thinking about them. We can decide not to feel them, but they seem to have a life of their own. They happen whether we like them or not, or want them or not. While you can’t easily talk yourself out of these unhelpful emotional response you can neutralise them using EFT.

    So why bother spending so much time suffering from them?

    Why not learn how to free yourself from those unhelpful reactions?

    2. Why bother being haunted by your memories?

    We have all had unpleasant experiences, many may have been mildly unpleasant, but some of them may have been truly horrible. Unfortunately it can be difficult to let go of these memories.

    As humans we are blessed, and cursed, with memory. When we remember things we can often experience again the feelings that went with the original experience. This is great if the memory is pleasant, but not so good if the memory is painful.

    Re-remembering unpleasant memories can be triggered by anything: a look, a smell, the sound of someones voice, one moment we are fine, the next we have fallen into an old memory which can leave us feeling stressed and unhappy.

    It used to be very difficult to do anything about those negative memories, but now using EFT you can comfortably disconnect the bad feelings from a memory so that it becomes just a memory.

    So why carry unpleasant memories around with you if you don’t have to?

    Why not let go of the past and get on with the present?

    3. Why bother being anxious about your future?

    Most of us have things we are not looking forward to: interviews, dental appointments, meetings with people we don’t like, etc.

    There may be many situations that we have to deal with that cause us anxiety when we think about them. Because we are also blessed, and cursed, with imagination, when we are “looking forward” to a challenging situation we have the ability to put ourselves in that future event and feel bad about something that hasn’t happened yet (or might never happen).

    Using EFT you can take a lot of the fear and anxiety out of upcoming events and meet them in a more resourceful way.

    So why bother being anxious about future events when you can be calm and prepared for them?

    4. Why bother having bad reactions to other people?

    Some people are difficult for us to get on with. We just have to see them, or hear them (or even hear their name) to start to feel bad.

    A few people may be able push all our buttons, something they say makes us angry, a look they give us makes us feel intimidated, just thinking about them puts us in a bad state of mind. These people are sometimes family members or work colleagues so there is often no easy escape from them.

    With EFT you can neutralise those kinds of negative responses to people so that you can be more balanced and resourceful with them.

    So why bother gritting your teeth and coping with difficult people, when you could be with them in a much more useful way.

    5. Why bother putting up with all this stress and distress?

    If you have unpleasant emotional reactions to people or events, or you are haunted by the past, or you are anxious about the future, why are you putting up with this?

    Why not learn a simple, step by step approach to reducing the burden of stress and anxiety in your life?

    Why not make life a bit easier for yourself?

    Why not use EFT to take some of the bother out of your life?

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